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Design and implementation of a WEBGIS-based recommendation system based on context-awareness for tourism planning
Keyhan Khosravifard *, Ali Esmaeily, Aboozar Ramezani
Abstract:   (151 Views)
Today, tourism is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Due to the large amount of information that exists about the points of Interest (POI) of a city, the tourist is faced with an overload of information. As a result, a recommending system is needed to recommend suitable tourist places to the tourist in the shortest time. In order to offer a better offer, the interests and context of the tourist should also be considered.
In this research, a context-aware recommendation system, based on WEBGIS, has been designed and implemented for the city of Hamedan.In this system, according to the tourist's interests and his context condition, suitable POI are ranked and recommended to the tourist. Tourist interests are examined in ten categories, including recreational attraction, natural attraction, historical and cultural attraction and etc. In addition, in this study, the context of location, time and climatic conditions are considered. To recommend POI, a case-based technique is used that implements a specific style of content-based recommendations. One of the main advantages of this recommending system is the simultaneous attention to the tourist's interests and his tissue condition and offering the shortest path between the recommended places to the tourist. In addition to the suggested tourist attractions, other places including hotels and guesthouses, parking lots and cinemas are also displayed to the tourist in a clustered manner.
Article number: 5
Keywords: Tourism planning, Web-GIS, Recommender system, context-awareness
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Type of Study: Research | Subject: GIS
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khosravifard K, esmaeily A, ramezani A. Design and implementation of a WEBGIS-based recommendation system based on context-awareness for tourism planning. JGST 2023; 12 (2) :62-77
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