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Landscape assessment of high-rise buildings: A method based on 3DGIS, BIM and AHP
Seyed Fazel Shahcheragh, Jamshid Maleki *, Saeed Nadi
Abstract:   (731 Views)
In this paper, we propose a quantitative indicator for measuring and ranking real estate from the perspective of the surrounding landscape by integrating the building information model (BIM) and the three-dimensional geospatial information system (3DGIS) based on the AHP method. The landscape is one of the qualitative variables which it's measuring and quantifying is a complex task. In previous studies, mainly, the Hedonic method and 3DGIS-based methods have been used to measure and evaluate the property landscape. The 3DGIS-based methods failed in describing building texture information and the exact position of the observer. Also, modeling and calculating important variables, such as the opinion of local experts, visible surface, vertical and horizontal field of view angles that significantly affect the validity of assessment results is a complex procedure and needs an effective method. For this reason, presenting a new method for scientifically measuring the value of a building's landscape is an attractive research issue. This paper presents a method that combines BIM, 3DGIS and AHP to model, measure and rank real estate with respect to landscape. In the proposed method, the position of the observer, the experts' opinion, the size and position of the windows of the building, field of view angles, diversity, quality and level of landscape are considered. In order to realistically estimate the landscape score, an ordered weighted average (OWA) operator is designed to provide the ability to estimate the landscape score in three modes: optimistic, normal and pessimistic. The performance of the proposed method is evaluated on two apartment units located in two buildings in the area of ​​Chitgar Lake in Tehran. The results of the evaluations indicate the well performance of the proposed formulation.
Article number: 6
Keywords: 3DGIS, BIM, AHP, building landscape
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Type of Study: Research | Subject: GIS
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Shahcheragh S F, Maleki J, Nadi S. Landscape assessment of high-rise buildings: A method based on 3DGIS, BIM and AHP. JGST 2023; 12 (2) :78-97
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