Journal of Geomatics Science and Technology- Call for Papers

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Journal of Geomatics Science and Technology (JGST) is a specialized journal published by the Iranian Society for Surveying & Geomatics Engineering. As an Engineering and science research journal, JGST is published in four issues each year. JGST aims to introduce, promote and advance all activities, including education, research and innovation, in Geospatial Engineering and relevant sciences. Further, JGST provides the link between experts in Earth Science in general and Surveying Engineers in particular. To reach international audience, it is highly suggested for all articles to be provided in English language. We are enthusiastically looking forward to receiving your contributions in the form of scientific papers and review articles as well as your help in the review process and constructive criticism and suggestions to raise the profile of JGST within international community. The papers can be submitted only via
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